A Simple Question

Why do we teach?

Is it to better our careers, or to better the students?

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a stir in the media over the Chicago Teachers Union strike, which just recently ended. The strike took place in order to secure better pay, working hours and better job security overall. But most of the things the union fought for was centered around the teachers instead of the students. I’m all for unions that fight for the working professional. We need to know that we can have a job with an appropriate salary, and will not be fired without just cause. We need to have working hours that aren’t cutting into one’s personal/family time. But, we CANNOT and SHOULD NOT sacrifice the students in the process!

While the teachers union fought, CPS schools were closed for two weeks. That meant students lost out on valuable learning time. Teachers and school administrators who place their own needs above those of their students, should maybe look at why they’re teaching. I know that sounds really preachy, and it is, but it’s something we should all consider. It seems as though much of the education system has become people striving to climb up the academic ladder, but when we do that, the students lose. It’s no fun for them and it’s no fun for us as teachers.

If the students aren’t able to be in an environment that encourages experiential learning, asking questions, being around their peers, or a caring teacher, then what’s the point of it all?

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