Back to the Basics?

In an article that was published recently, it has been found by the ACTA, that many colleges and universities are failing to teach students the fundamentals within their general education programs.  According to Anne D. Neal, president of the ACTA, students aren’t receiving an equal value in terms of their educational instruction when compared to the cost of tuition.

In my previous post, I discussed the rising cost of education and student loan debt.  If a student is paying upwards of $22,000 dollars per year (raw tuition cost) for their higher education, don’t you think the university has a responsibility to provide quality instruction?  If I am paying an exorbitant amount of money for what amounts to a fancy slip of paper, I would like to think it wasn’t for nothing. College is a time where one undergoes a lot of personal development, as well as continuing their education. But, if what students learn is mediocre, then what’s the point?

The article does mention that many colleges and universities do a fantastic job at education their students and are often met with success, it’s still not found across the board. How are graduates going to succeed in their field if they don’t have an understanding of basic knowledge? If the students fail to learn, whose fault is it – the students’ or the instructors’? I guess it could be a mix of both. Students with little or no motivation to succeed, and professors who may overestimate their students’ learning levels, these tend to show poor results in the classroom.

How can we solve this problem?

Well, I’m not sure if it can be solved easily, or quickly. As school budgets shrink across the country, it gets harder for institutions to provide quality education. Educators need to find ways to keep costs low, and yet not sacrifice quality.  So, what can we do?

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