Let’s Learn Korean!

lets learn korean


Let’s learn another language!

This week’s post aims to give us a little taste of learning a second language. Often times we are the ones teaching the second language, and can forget what it’s like to learn one.  I’ve been living in Korea for the past three years (going on four now), and I’ve been studying the Korean language semi-frequently. I found this neat comic and I loved it! It gives the basics of the Korean language (한글) – the syllabic structure and phonemes, as well as some easy words to practice your pronunciation. Let’s see if you can do it!

Basic phrases

“Hello!”=> 안녕하세요!


“My name is _______” =>  제 이름은 ________ 입니다.

(Je eerum-eun ________ imnida)

“Nice to meet you!” => 반갑습니다


“Where do you work?” => 어디에 일합니다?


“How old are you?”=> 몇 살 입니다?


“Thank You!”=> 감사합니다!


“Please excuse me.”=> 실례합니다.


*These are some helpful basic phrases when you meet people in Korea.  Here is a site with more helpful phrases if you’re interested in learning the language, and it’s an interesting one to learn at that.  I think it’s important to learn another language to help put into perspective the struggle ESL students go through. When your students complain that learning English is difficult, it’s good to understand where they’re coming from. It’s good to always encourage your students when they find learning English difficult, sometimes it’s good for them to know if you’re learning their language. If they know that, they may have the courage to continue learning English.


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3 responses to “Let’s Learn Korean!

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  2. Korean Vitamin

    “Where do you work?” => 어디에서 일합니까?
    (O-di-e-seo il-hamnikka?)
    “How old are you?”=> 몇 살 입니까? (Myeot-sar-imnikka?)
    한국어 공부 열심히 하세요~


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