Lesson Plan: Would you rather?

A cool lesson to try with high school (or maybe even middle school) students. This is from the blog, “i’m not dumb”, check it out!

Parallel Likes

I went to one of those demo classes and stole much of this lesson from the class I saw. Use it too.

Intended for: High School Freshmen (in Korea)

Time: 45-50 minutes

Materials: 2 PPTs, paper ( enough for each pair), tape.

Objective: Students will form and answer ‘would you rather’ questions

phrases: ‘Would you rather…or..? ‘i would rather… than.. blank.”

Key words: than… and any words your students aren’t familiar with on the slide with many questions.

Introduction(5): I have separate slides for girls and boys. Show them the slides of the handsome man/ unattractive man( respectively, the hot chick and the not at all hot chick). Tell the students that the people in the slides want to be their girlfriend/boyfriend. Make a story as to why the unattractive person might be the better option. For the boys, I said Megan Foxx was in debt and the boys would…

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5 responses to “Lesson Plan: Would you rather?

  1. There is an inexpensive card game called “Would You Rather”, and it’s very funny to play with students as they improve their English, because the choices are almost always 2 terrible choices!


  2. torrentephotos

    hey buddy. thanks for checking out my blog. i’m having fun with it. i was exhausted by the end of teaching in china this year. not sure if i can go back. but i’ve said that before…..JT


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