A great post by an ESL speaker, about the importance of English.


“Learning is a never ending process and it has no limits like age.”

I have been studying English language since my childhood;  May be  22 years of English exposure.Even though , I can’t speak English like native speakers; It’s because I was from a environment where people won’t prefer to speak English. I tried talking when I was in college ; but, my classmets used to comment me.

Coming to my failures because of not having proper English (communication skills).
1. I gained good marks only because of my hardwork; but, I came accross people who scored good marks only with their English language skills and smark work. I used to spend alot of time in reading process because I am a hardworker rather than smart worker.

Here, smart work and English language over taked hard work in my case.

2.I didn’t get any job opportunities in campus because I…

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