Why isn’t a diploma enough?

Here’s an interesting argument and thought provoking post about the redundancy of teacher certification programs and accredited programs at universities. I’m not quite sure where I fall with this, but worth the discussion.



As I sat in the teacher’s lounge today, I heard my colleagues complaining about the annoying certification process they had to go through. I agreed with them. Mine consisted of silly things like:

  • taking a basic skills test (which I had to do to get into college anyway)
  • completing an annoying pilot program (which was one of the worst-assembled things I’ve every experienced)
  • taking a teaching practices and content area exam
  • a nice, hefty fee

To me, this is just another tax that fuels a pretty messed up system.


It’s my understanding that universities with teacher education programs must undergo accreditation by the Department of Education. In short, they’re making sure that whatever the university is teaching will make good teachers. If that’s true, then why isn’t a diploma from one of these institutions enough to get a teaching job? The only thing I can think of is the…

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