Learning in the 21st Century

It’s important to remember how learning English has changed over the years.

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Remember the final days of 1999? While half the world was getting ready to have the biggest party since … well … the final days of 1899, the other half was in a panic. The Millennium Bug was going to corrupt every computer network on the planet, and an apocalyptic chaos was about to take place. Fortunately, the bug never arrived and the apocalypse will have to wait for another day.

For education, however, the twenty-first century apocalypse has been claimed again and again. Professor Stephen Heppell says this era will see the death of education and the dawn of learning. Sugata Mitra concludes from his Hole in the Wall experiment (see here) that teachers aren’t necessary for learning. In language education, Korean robots (see here) are already used as teachers – a school director’s dream, as robots never complain about long hours, poor salaries and lousy coffee.

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