Let’s go to the market!

Last Friday, Avalon English Academy held a “market day”, where the students could buy goods with fake dollars they earned throughout the semester. The students would earn these dollars by collecting a stamp on a stamp card; five stamps would equal one dollar, and the students would receive stamps from the teachers for completing homework assignments, working hard in class, being helpful, etc.

My co-teachers and I thought it was a wonderful idea as an incentive to keep the kids interested in learning and doing the work they were assigned. The students could buy food, snacks, and toys if they had enough dollars. I took the opportunity to take a few pictures.

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It was also my last day of work and a bittersweet one a that. I loved seeing the students and talking with them in a casual manner, it really helps them know that we as teachers do care about them outside of class, too. I was also a little sad, knowing I won’t see them again for the foreseeable future. I can only hope I have made a positive influence on them as they have upon me over these past four years.


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2 responses to “Let’s go to the market!

  1. If only those who think they already know the language, would work as hard to learn it as the ones who know they don’t. Thanx, and congrats. 🙂


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