Happy New Year!

imagesI hope everybody had a great year in 2013. It’s hard to think this year has come to an end, but time passes and before you know it we’re a year older; finished with school; starting a new job, etc.

It’s been a year of ups and downs around the world, and probably for you (and I). Think back over this year and try to count all the goals you’ve reached, the ones you have yet to reach, and the things that didn’t turn out as you had hoped.

For all the teachers out there, think of all the lessons that went well and the ones that could have been better. I know I have had numerous lessons that could have gone better, but I also had lessons and other great experiences in my classroom this past year. With each new year I try to find ways to improve myself as a person and as a teacher, that’s my continuous new year’s resolution. What’s your resolution for this next year?

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