Properties of Nouns

A nice friendly reminder about nouns and noun usage.


A Noun can be defined as: 

A word used to identify a class of people, places, or things.  They can be used to name a particular one of these and is called a proper noun in this case.  See this post for a explanation of a noun.  However a noun can have three different properties; Number, Gender and Case.


Most nouns change their form to indicate number by adding “-s” or “-es”:

When Bob was small he rarely read a book.
Most people don’t read books.
In the cave there was an unexpected echo.
I love to hear the echoes that return when I shout.
He saw a fox running across the road.
In the countryside there are many foxes.

Other plural forms for nouns are:

Wharf becomes wharves. (F is deleted and –ves added)

City becomes Cities (Y is deleted and…

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