Facts on Peer Pressure?

As a teacher, peer pressure is something that can be a wonderful help in the classroom but it can so backfire. It’s a double-edged tool.



The fact is peer pressure can be both positive and negative, depending on the friends one aligns themselves with. Positive friends will compete with you to make better grades. They will influence one to dress better, behavior classier, and be a better person. However negative friends will do nothing but bring one down. They have to ability to get one involved in crime, drugs, and alcohol. They can influence how one behaves with members of the opposite sex.
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I am doing a paper for school. Here are all the fact i could find . Peer Pressure 50 Facts 1. Most common in Adolescents 2. Peer pressure comes in all stages of life 3. Peer pressure
Peer pressure is when a person or people try to get you to…

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