The Future of English

You can never get tired of funny English translations from foreign languages.

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The Future of English


Before the 2008 Olympic Games, the language police in Beijing trawled the city looking for street signs written in ‘bad English’. They found plenty of examples. “If you are stolen, call the police at once”; “Super Bowel Party Platters!!”; “Don’t flirt monkeys by feeding.” Several public toilets were interestingly named: “Deformed man toilet”; “Genitl Emen”. And the exhortation to ‘keep off the grass’ seems to have inspired a kind of random poetry: “Tender fragrant grass. How hardhearted to trample them”; “The grass has the life, you keep blue”; “Do not disturb tiny grass is dreaming.”

Random poetry: a sign in Chinglish Random poetry: a sign in Chinglish

These may sound amusing to our ears, but Chinglish is just one of many dialects of English that has its own logic, its own rules, and is intelligible to millions. What’s more, aspects of this hybrid, along with other hybrids of English, may well…

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