The Vocabulary of Love

A post-Valentine’s Day post about the language of love.



How do you tell that special someone how you feel in English? In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a list of words of love from English Zone:


BEAUTY: attractiveness, charm, elegance, grace, loveliness
CHARM: attraction, fascination, glamour
CONSORT: companion, comrade, mate, partner, soul-mate, spouse
DELIGHT: enjoyment, gladness, happiness, joy, pleasure
DEVOTION: affection, attachment, fidelity, loyalty, dedication
DIGNITY: elegance, grace, stateliness
FOREVER: always, eternity, perpetuity
HAPPINESS: bliss, cheerfulness, contentment, delight, joyfulness
HOPE: faith, optimism, reliance, belief, desire, wish
JOY: bliss, delight, elation, gladness, happiness
LOYALTY: allegiance, constancy, devotion, faithfulness, fidelity
MARRIAGE: matrimony, nuptials, wedding, wedlock, bond, union
PROMISE: pledge, vow
RENEWAL: enlivenment, invigoration, regeneration, revival
RESPECT: admiration, appreciation, esteem, favor, honor, regard
SACRIFICE: dedication, devotion, offering
SINCERITY: candidness, candor, frankness, genuineness, honesty,
SPIRIT: being, heart, mind, psyche, soul, energy, life, verve
WISDOM: insight, judgment, knowledge


AFFECTIONATE: adoring, caring, considerate, devoted, loving
BEAUTIFUL: attractive, fair, lovely, stunning

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