Teaching Mixed ESL Classes

This article has some great tips!


I was given this article (Adapting Materials for Mixed Ability Classes by TE Editor) by another teacher and thought some of the content was very useful if you are teaching a mixed ESL class like myself.


Start with the same reading material and add extension activities for the stronger students.


  • Ask early finishers to write on the board new vocabulary along with the definitions.
  • Have them rewrite a part of the text in a different tense.
  • Write their personal opinion or a short summary of the reading.
  • Write questions about the text.


Hand out the script and choose a ‘vocabulary master’ to look up new words/expressions in a dictionary, and then have them explain to the group what it means. This will give you the chance to focus on their accents/intonation of the speakers, and give the listeners a chance to practice their copying skills by requesting…

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