Motivating Students

This is such a challenge for teachers. Motivated students are vital to success in and out of the classroom.

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Keeping students motivated is an important factor in the classroom.  By keeping students engaged, they will be more successful in learning the material.  Several factors need to be in place to help keep the classroom a motivating experience. 

Teachers should create a fun environment.   If learning is fun, students attitude will change from “have to learn” to “want to learn”.  Find out what their actual interests are and incorporate them in the lesson plan.  As the teacher, show your motivation and energy on the subject and it will rub off on them. 

Some students may have anxiety initially.  There are several things a teacher can do to assist in students overcoming this roadblock.  They can speak to the student individually to find out where it stems from.  You can also talk to the students as a group and try to relate to them by sharing any personal stories from your…

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