British English and American English

English is English, and it’s all the same wherever you go.. right? WRONG! This is a good post showing the differences between UK and US English pronunciation and spellings. It’s beneficial for your students to slowly understand and learn the differences between UK and US English styles.


If it wasn’t hard enough just learning a language like English you then have to make at some point distinctions between formal and informal, and then between British and American English.

This doesn’t mean that an American and a Brit wouldn’t understand each other if they started up a conversation in a bar, well, that depends on the amount of alcohol they have had J However, both would know exactly what they were talking about, just that some of the grammatical structures each of them used, the vocab, spelling and above all the pronunciation would be different.

You could say they are like half brothers, they share the same DNA from one of the parents but they each have their own personality due to their surroundings and that makes them different. You could say daddy was a bit promiscuous, as there are a multitude of types of English out there…

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