Change is the Only Constant in the Universe


Next week starts a new semester, which means new students, books, and new teachers. Three new teachers arrived this past week to Poly School, and it’s exciting to work with new coworkers. My supervising teachers are all busy looking at the new books, planning lessons, reviewing class schedules and training the new teachers. The Korean staff are busy preparing books for the new kindergarten classes and getting their classrooms ready for them when they begin next Monday.

tumblr_lyg5afvrqn1r6fh4oo1_500 copy

The phrase in the picture above is what I try to make my mantra, but I know mistakes will be made. “Fine” is a word people like to use to cover up their nervousness. I’m not nervous about teaching, but I know something will go wrong at least once. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve taught, no lesson ever goes perfectly, as planned. I’m a little worried about my new teachers but they seem to be adjusting well so far. One has already been teaching for a few years in Korea, and the other two – a couple – have taught before as well for a few months, though this is their first time teaching in Korea. The students are excited to meet them and they are excited to teach. These new teachers are replacing three teachers who finished their contracts and are moving on to other places. It will be sad to see those teachers go, but I wish the well.

Change is constant and all we can do is adjust the best we can.

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