It’s important to teach ESL students that English doesn’t sound the same all around the world. This video is an interesting insight to accents.

Content for ELLs

I love this video!  Not only is it super interesting, but it also gives an insight into what students may experience when they first enter the country.  Imagine listening to your teacher and he/she sounds like this girl all day long.  Every now and then you catch a few words that make sense, but not a lot is comprehensible.

The video helps demonstrate the importance of comprehensible input, as well as the special need for comprehensible input when a student first arrives.  Think about have visuals or translators available (even if it is Google Translate!) to help students get comfortable and begin learning “survival English.”   Having realia or pictures available to help students function as normal as possible can help newcomers feel more relaxed, welcome, and hopefully curb some of the overwhelming feelings and anxiety that can happen when you don’t have a clue what anyone around…

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