At An ESL School

This is a great post, giving a small insight from an ESL student! It’s a wonderful thing to read about one’s experience learning a second language.

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It has been almost eight months since I had been in an ESL school. It feels like it has been longer than eight months. This indicates that the time I spent in the ESL school with my friends and teachers was productive. Today, I would like to talk about my ESL school life.

English Only Policy

My school has an English Only Policy. In the school and the one block where the school is, no students could use their mother tongue. I know some students who disobeyed the policy, but motivated students followed the policy. Luckily, my friends are motivated ones, even though it is far away from the school, we are still only using English. Moreover, our efforts are not only for talking, but also for texting, online chatting – the whole of our communication is almost only in English.

As a result, in only less than half a…

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