Workshops May Be Boring, but They Are Necessary

Korea Poly School LogoYesterday, our school’s R&D department put on a teaching workshop that my coworkers and I attended. The presenters were teachers who have taught for Korea Poly School for a few years, or work in the R&D department. There were presentations on classroom management, teaching reading skills, language immersion, and reflective teaching among others. The workshop was held from 11 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the evening, and lunch was provided.


Not an actual photo

A few of the presentations I sat in on weren’t very engaging, or the content wasn’t as useful to myself as it was to others. One presentation I did like was on reflective teaching. That lecture helped me to really evaluate myself as a teacher, and as a person. It helped me develop a few strategies to better myself in the classroom as far as my teaching methods or my behavior management. The presenter for the reflective teaching lecture helped all the teachers who attended (myself included) to evaluate how we present ourselves to the students, and if we can improve (the answer of course, is yes).


It’s great to hear ideas from other teachers! They can help you think of something in a new way, and you can contribute to their pool of knowledge as well. Everybody is there to help one another and take something back they hadn’t thought of before. I was able to think of ways to improve myself, and hopefully my coworkers did, too.

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