Questions and answers about a vacation (Simple Past)

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I posted in March about my warm weather trip to San Diego, and I included a lot of photos.  Students have been studying vacations, and Simple Past, so I asked them to write questions to me about my trip.  Here are their questions and my answers.

Hello Ellen, I have some questions about your trip to San Diego, please.

1) What was the main reason for your trip?

-I went to San Diego to meet my friends.

2) How was your trip?

-My trip was awesome.

3) Were the costs of your trip high?

-No, my trip was very affordable. My flight wasn’t expensive, and my hostel and bicycle rental were very inexpensive.

4) I saw your marathon pictures, tell me about it.

-I ran and walked a half marathon (21 kilometres).  I really enjoyed it, but the weather was very hot in San Diego (26C), and we had a…

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