Classroom techniques and ICT’s to tackle literature and culture in secondary education

Teaching culture is extremely important in ESL and EFL classes because language and culture are linked and the idea of teaching one without the other is unconceivable for me. However, there are many teachers and syllabus that seem to overview this fact and they just pay attention to the teaching of linguistic aspects like grammatical patterns and sctructures, vocabulary items, pronunciations features… forgeting at all the cultural heritatge that surrounds the native speakers of the language that is being instructed. Teaching culture and literature can promote the love of students for the language and the customs of the different English-speaking  countries. It is without any doubt a motivational factor that all teachers should include in their lessons plans.

In addition to that, it is necessary to highlight that teaching culture does not only mean delivering worksheets with comprehension texts and monotonous activities. Teaching culture means transfering our passion for that…

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