My Top 5 ESL Kindergarten Activities

These are some great activities!

Over Here.

My first month as a kindergarten ESL teacher was the most terrifying, dread inducing and painful of my teaching career. Having never taught anyone under the age of 12 before, I was thrown into the deep end, teaching 5 and 6 year olds who had never even picked up a pen (in Turkey children will generally not learn to write until at least the First Grade). The tears, the snot, the toilet problems, the over familiarity. I was awash in a sea of screaming children without a paddle.

And then. There was the eureka moment. The moment when I stopped worrying about having total order in the classroom, when I stopped taking it personally when an activity didn’t go to plan. When I stopped stressing out so much and just went with the flow.  Young children cannot concentrate for more than five minutes. It is not natural for them to sit…

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