What Do You Want to Be?

Down From The Door

Continuing on the teacher post trend, here’s a look at my recent 6th grade lesson, “What do you want to be?” This lesson focused mainly on identifying our job aspirations by name (scientist, teacher, fire fighter, etc) and being able to say, “I like to….” or “I don’t like to…”

For the first time this semester, we finally came upon a lesson that really asked the students to think about themselves, and what their personal answers would be, rather than just plugging and arranging a set of memorized responses. And I don’t know what it is about my sixers this year – maybe it’s because they know me from last year, or because they’re just an especially bright group – but I have a lot of quirky and intelligent students who come up with really unique responses to things. Admittedly, I tend to like the smartasses and troublemakers – not…

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