Why Do I Make Mistakes Learning English?

Mistakes are a great way to see how one can improve.

Learn English




     It is a widely held belief among researchers that making mistakes is  part of the process of acquiring another language. While there are those who do not believe this (click here for an opposing view), the majority of scientific research supports the idea that mistakes are a “natural” part of learning. If you think of children, you will agree that they make mistakes in learning their primary language. It is doubtful that anyone who is fluent in a language became that way without making mistakes along the way.

Performance Versus Competence Mistakes

All students learning English have experienced being corrected by a teacher. Often students say “Oh, of course! I know that. Why did I say such and such”. For example, a student said to me “Teacher, I sended you an email”. When I corrected her, she said ” Yes, sent is the correct…

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