Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom management is an evolving thing. It is good to frequently reevaluate how well your classroom is managed. The ideas in this post are good to try or modify to suit your own tastes.

Backpacker Lauren

picturedayDaily Picture Schedule

Some children might be knew to learning the English Language, therefore they might not understand all the words that you are saying, but it is possible for Thai children to understand the routine of each day through pictures. Each picture on the schedule should have the time, in addition to a corresponding picture demonstrating the activity.

Classroom Rules

In order to have successful learning environment, children need to understand and follow classroom rules. It is critical that your rules are posted and understood from the very beginning to avoid any misunderstanding, discipline issues, and to keep your losing sanity intact. Here are a few strategies to teach your classroom rules:

  • rulesUse visual cues to communicate your expectations in a positive way. For example, post rules with pictures in your classroom, use picture cards, symbols, and a positive rewards chart.
  • As the teacher you should model the desired behavior…

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