Not all that different from them…

I, too, am not that different from my students- which is why I get along so well with them! 😉

Mister Is Learning

…my students, I mean.

I tend to get irritated with their impatience, arrogance and lack of self-awareness.

But today, in a CPM training, I took on the role of a student. And I had an out-of-body experience where I watched myself stop talking to another teacher in my group because he was too slow. I just jumped ahead of him, and was eager to raise my hand to contribute “our team’s” answer to the whole-group discussion.

I flashback to elementary and middle school. I was the kid who took pride in skipping Kindergarten because I could read at such a high level compared to my peers. I was the one who rushed to clean up my station so that I could get my card changed from green to light blue. I was the student whose work the teachers kept as an example. Good thing all that caught up to me…

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