Trust me! I’m a good teacher!

I ask myself this everyday.


Another funny tension I have experienced is figuring out whether I’m actually teaching for me or for them. Tension

“Of course it’s for them!” we cry.

Yes, but recently I feel as though I teach to prove that I am capable and competent, to reassure them of my legitimacy as their teacher. So I end up teaching to impress, rather than teaching to gauge their grasp of the content and propel them from there. This has resulted in teacher-focused lessons that don’t meet students’ needs. This style of teaching/learning indeed challenges and confronts students but doesn’t support them to develop skills practically. It identifies their weaknesses, but doesn’t offer scaffolds to personally improve. Perhaps this can give rise to disengagement and low motivation…

I need to focus more on meeting students’ needs individually. I must design lessons that give plenty of opportunities for students to produce work that can reveal their grasp of…

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