Just When You Think Things Are Going Well…

…it all gets turned upside down. I was recently told I am being laid off at the end of this month. Due to a very low enrollment for the upcoming fall semester starting in September, my school has to cut a teacher. I drew the short straw, so to speak.

It also came to light that a few select parents had a negative view of me from the beginning – without good reason. Sure, I made a few small mistakes when I began teaching at Poly, but I was adjusting to a very different work environment than my previous school. I guess those small mistakes were enough to make a few parents dislike me. They also seem to have held a grudge because of them.

So now, eight months into my new school I have to look again.


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4 responses to “Just When You Think Things Are Going Well…

  1. I am sorry to hear this. I started following your blog recently and have loved going back and reading some of your old posts. I’m not sure how you feel about working in China, but my school (in Zhongshang City) is in a growing stage and is looking to start hiring soon. Just saying.


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