A New Adventure Begins! (Redeux)

At the end of July, my director informed me that I was being laid-off due to a low enrollment for the fall semester. I would finish working out the month of August, then I would have to either find a new school, or return to the US. My director wrote a letter of recommendation and gave me an email address to contact to help find a new job. I also contacted my recruiter who got me the job at Korea Poly School, to look for open positions beginning in September.

This past week, I was contacted by my recruiter and he told me he found a position open in Ilsan. Ilsan is just outside of Seoul, to the west. The position I interviewed for, and eventually got hired, was at Yeil Christian International School (CIS). I will be the home room teacher for elementary grades three and four students. I will also be teaching middle and high school students literature in the afternoon. I am excited because I have not yet taught high school students. I welcome that challenge!

The issue that I have run into, is that they want me to begin on Thursday this next week. I am still teaching at my current school, Korea Poly School (a private kindergarten) until Wednesday night. AFTER I finish, I need to make it to Ilsan that night to begin teaching the next day at Yeil CIS! Yikes!! Well luckily I went to Ilsan this past Saturday to meet with my new director and move some bags up as well. Moving is not fun, but I have some friends who are willing to help hold things for a while. I am excited to embark on this new adventure, and while I am not a strongly religious person I do come into this school with an open mind, willing to learn from and grow as a person through this experience. Wish me luck!


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6 responses to “A New Adventure Begins! (Redeux)

  1. laiaprincep

    Oh wow, what an adventure!!! Super good luck 😀


  2. Teacher

    How is the school, and the staff members?


    • I went up for a brief visit this past Saturday. I was told there are five new teachers arriving Wednesday night, though I’m not sure whether they are already in Korea or not. The school looked nice from what I could tell. I will find everything out in fuller detail Thursday morning.


  3. gilberthcardenas

    Very exciting! Sounds like another chapter in your teacher journey. And, you’re right – the hardest part is actually transporting all your possessions. You begin thinking, “Do I really have this much stuff?”


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