Curriculum & Pedagogy in Learning Spaces.

Learning Journey

As people know there are many different learning spaces and children interact with them in different ways. It is a space where they can meet, discuss, share, learn and socialise together.

Incursions and excursions play a huge role in a child’s school life. As Johnson (2009) says children experience incursions and excursions in different ways. For some children these experiences are totally new and engaging to them in ways teachers may have never found them engaged before. As can incursions, as simple as visiting different areas in the school, where children experience new learning in different ways. Lorenza (2009) pointed out that incursions and excursions have a purpose in the role of education but teachers must realise and use them in a way that is purposeful. The children should not just be taken to an excursion or incursion just to ‘tick the boxes’.

Classroom layouts have changed over time. It…

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