My New School Is Not What I Expected!

I started teaching at my new school, Yeil Christian International School (YCIS), today. It has a smaller student body than I had anticipated, but that is not a bad thing. I am the homeroom teacher for a class of ten students – all but one of whom are in the fourth grade, the other is in the third grade. They are combined and it makes it a challenge to teach since their levels are quite different. Being the homeroom teacher, I am in charge of teaching their main courses: Science, English-Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, and Math. It is quite the handful, especially since I am not familiar with the curriculum (YCIS uses a curriculum published by Bob Jones University Press).  I am also challenged by the fact that this is a Christian school, and I am not a believer (but I’m not against it either). I welcome these challenges as I can learn something more about myself and others, and strive to better myself as a teacher, too.


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