Technology in the Classroom

I am a big supporter of using tech in the classroom when appropriate.

teaching young learners


I think we need to ask the question, “When is enough, enough?”

As teachers, we all want to move with the rapid advances in technology that we see around us, and want to stay just that one iota ahead of our students, as if that could happen! We strive and struggle and work to integrate the newest techniques and technology into our lessons. But when does the ipad take over the lesson and become more of a teacher than the teacher?

Are we just jumping on a technological rollercoaster where the ride will suddenly come to an end when the technology is superceded? What happens to our iPads when something new comes along? The iFilm, a roll-up sheet that replaces the whole iPad? The iSpecs, a pair of glasses where the inside of the lenses are used as a screen, or better yet, where a projector uses the viewers own…

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