Lessons from teaching – create your own work space

Everybody needs their own space!


by CareerActually Contributor, Peter Luscombe


Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.

~Chinese Proverb

Each year hundreds of students passed through my classroom; over time mounting to thousands. Like many feel about their work I was at times ambivalent, however, in the main I loved teaching. I found ways to be recognized and acknowledged, ways to enliven and vary what I did so there were returns for me, and ways to appreciate those I worked with both in class and out, as well as have funMost importantly, I learned ways and means to get the most out of work.

A lack of space and time to be yourself is probably the biggest work issue any one faces. Believe me in teaching, when you have 25 students turn up to work with for a session, then another 25 or so, then another, right through…

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