Ways Students React to English

I’ve had similar experiences in the past. Kids don’t always want to speak English but it’s important to encourage them to at least try.


This statement may come as a shock to people (especially anyone reading with experience in a job similar to an ALT) but…the truth is…students are not always super willing to speak English.

I know. If you need a second, that’s fine.

It certainly makes teaching an interesting challenge, when you know a good number of your students just have no desire at all to be learning the knowledge you are trying to pass on to them. (And I’m sure this is not a phenomenon unique to English education in Japan.)

In elementary school, my favorite thing to do with a large class is to give everyone a card with various information on it, arm them with a question and answer formula, and set them to finding the one person with a matching card. This activity elicits excited enthusiasm and energy from some students, and…well, not that, from others.

In one class…

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