Religion, ESL

Religion can bring up some interesting and thoughtful discussions with advanced learners.

{the earth and the ether}

Friday, the headmaster of our school called me into his office and asked if I could pick up one more class. A foreign-exchange student was having trouble in religion class, because her English wasn’t quite up to speed, and she didn’t have the same background the other kids had. He wanted to pull her from the mainstream class and set her up with — me.

Of course I said yes. I’m spending this week mostly assessing and figuring out a curriculum. The headmaster told me the class she’s supposed to be taking is just the Apostles Creed, and at the end of the year she should be able to explain what Catholics believe, having had a school-year-long, in-depth look at the Creed. She can believe what she wants, but she should know what we believe.

We had our first class today, and all the discussion questions I had prepared came…

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