Designing a School

I’d go to a school designed like this! Would you?

teaching young learners


I think that it’s time for schools and governments to finally stop the ostrich act and pull their heads out of the sand and look at the educational needs of the physical qualities of schools. Gone are the days of rows of students chanting various formulae and other information they are required to memorise. The students of today live in a highly interactive and digital world. So the physicality of schools must evolve to accommodate this. The first outcry will be about budgets! But instead we should be more concerned with making our schools sustainable and self-sustaining. How can a concrete and steel building be more expensive than mud-brick and bamboo? With correct technique and getting the balances right, environmentally sustainable materials can be just as effective, just as safe, and far cheaper alternatives to build with.


Schools need to invest in sustainable energy resources and permaculture gardening programmes to…

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