Getting passionate about primary science

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One of the key priorities for the Wellcome Trust Education and Learning team is reinvigorating primary school science. We know that early encounters with science and discovery help to shape children’s understanding of the world and develop important skills. A recent Wellcome Trust study showed that some schools were missing out on access to specialist science expertise. Irchester Community Primary School, which was involved in the study, has taken an innovative approach providing a dedicated science space in the school and their very own scientist-in-residence, following the Lab-13 model. Wellcome Trust Primary Science Lead, Louise Stubberfield spoke to staff at Irchester, to find out how about their approach to science…

Scientist in residence Jennifer Hogan, scientist-in-residence at Irchester Community Primary School

“It is so important that primary science is not a collection of facts to be learned, nor a set of limited predetermined fair-tests that are followed recipe-like to a known result.

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