The Joy of Teaching (Art)!


Happy teachers help make happy students!

A teacher’s mood does have an effect on the students’ mood. Some days rough and you just want to scream! I have those days, but I try not to shout too much, especially since it ruins my voice. I try to come into class with a smile and cheerful voice. When I do get angry or upset, I let my students know. I find an important quality to have as a teacher, is honesty. Teachers should be honest with themselves as well as their students. Students who are in a good mood are more willing to participate, listen in class, and complete their homework (at least, that is the hope). I know kids love to draw, paint, and make other artistic works. Art class can really brighten up the students’ mood, as well as the classroom!

Art promotes creativity!turn-kids-art-into-an-art-book-e1321647456433-610x405

Bob Ross’s video series, “The Joy of Painting” which was syndicated on PBS in the 1980s is such an amazing show! I loved watching it as a child, and I still enjoy it today. I teach art to my fourth graders twice a week. I usually let my students draw or pain what they want, but as the semester continues, I do plan to make some crafts. Drawing and painting gets old after a while, and the students begin to lose focus. I like students to be creative! There are so many wonderful ways to bridge subjects using art – such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, collages, and lots of other things! The key issues with teaching art are space, time, and materials.

Where I teach, there isn’t a lot of space, materials, or time! While I can take time away from one class and add to the art time, I’d rather not do that. In any case, art is about expression! Art is also a great way to see what kids really think and feel; oftentimes kids cannot properly express how they feel (in words), so they turn to drawings, paintings or other visuals. Art also helps kids develop their creative sides, fine-motor skills, and spatial recognition skills.

kids-art-classes-brisbane  I hope I can help my students develop their creative thinking skills over the year! It will be a challenge for me, but I am ready for it. My students  have such wonderful minds and I believe they can do more than what they think!

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