Teachers are Gladiators



Today, after almost six months, I spoke to a group of high school students. I enjoy all the shades of teenagers, from the ones with the I-am-so-bored expressions to those leaning in because something has caught their imagination; from the fashion-forward to the fashion blind; from the ones who are unsure of tomorrow to the ones whose lives are laid down in neatly aligned plans. My particular favorites are the ones with a wise guy comment or snarky crack for everything. Irrespective of the shades or the expressions on their faces, there is something about the energy of teenagers that invariably appeals to the child in me.

Teachers have the power to create powerful ripples within students and change their perceptions, hopes and imaginations. If we ask the right questions, and challenge , ideas will emerge from the most unexpected quarters.

We spoke of business today and the financial, economic…

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