Great Ways to Start An ESL Class

Teaching English in China

Between my ‘Good Morning, Class’ and ‘Open your books’, I like to spend a few minutes speaking about something interesting and fun with my students, anything from how they spent their weekend, to discussing a new movie release, to English riddles, interesting facts and warm-up games. Here are just a few ways to ease into your ESL class with something engaging and fun…

1. Tell Them A Riddle…


Riddles are perfect icebreakers and will have students hitting that ‘ENGLISH ON’ switch in their brains immediately. Better still, if you’re teaching advanced English, how about a Lateral Thinking Puzzle to really get students thinking. This PPT compiles many riddles and lateral thinking puzzles which can be picked and inserted into your lessons. Enjoy.

2. Blow Their Mind With This Fun Fact…


Download animation slides here.

Your students are no doubt thinking that English is a crazy and difficult language, as demonstrated here

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