“It’s not just about the content”. The 8 ways of learning.

Learning Journey

The most evident piece of information I read in this article was that the focus should not be on solely delivering the content but rather teaching aboriginal processes and procedures.

The 8 ways of learning can be described as a common ground between mainstream and Aboriginal pedagogies.

• Learning through narrative.

• Planning and visualising explicit processes.

• Working non-verbally with self-reflective, hands-on methods.

• Learning through images, symbols and metaphors.

• Learning through place‐responsive, environmental practice.

• Using indirect, innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

• Modelling and scaffolding by working from wholes to parts.

• Connecting learning to local values, needs and knowledge.

When teaching the aboriginal processes this should occur across the curriculum and be intertwined into our teaching and the children’s learning. From reading about the processes it is apparent that many of these we use everyday already in our teaching. Always a good reminder though. Another big…

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