Lessons I Learnt From Teaching English Abroad #1

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Five years ago, I literally couldn’t have imagined anything more terrifying than a room full of sixty Chinese teenagers, staring up at me in silence and waiting for my class to begin. This was my very first experience of teaching and I had never been so petrified in my life. It was a forty-minute speaking class, which the students evidently saw as a bit of a joke, a relief from their intense and regimented educational regime. I planned to play some music through the computer and have them guess what the genre of music was.

I arrived one minute late to a room full of students who, as soon as they saw me, began to gasp and whisper, before sitting silently in their chairs looking up at me as I stumbled into their classroom.

“Oh, yes…. hullo,” I mumbled frantically as I lay my bag down on the desk and…

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