Five Favorite Tools for English Language Learners

Innovate Teaching with Technology

1. Camtasia for Mac

One of the greatest challenges that I faced with English Language Learners was realizing that they all needed individual attention.  They all had questions.  90% of them didn’t understand.  No matter how much comprehensible input I used with gestures, sound systems, etc.. there were a lot of emotions and needs.  Adapting to a new environment is not easy.  They would miss out on information because of they were too easily distracted by their peers, their needs, emotions, and *sigh* not understanding what they have been listening to throughout most of their day.  When I started recording instructional videos that outline the objectives and activities that they will be participating in with Camtasia for Mac, students became more comfortable and less anxious. They took ownership of their learning.  At the beginning of every period, students pick-up their Chromebooks, wear their headsets, and watch the quick video tutorial that outlines what they…

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October 23, 2014 · 7:11 pm

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