How can WordPress make me a better teacher?

Educational networking helps us all! I love using WP to look for new tips and tricks, ideas and other resources to use in the classroom.

Melissa's Personal Learning Network

Hi all,

If you are looking to use WordPress as a form of networking, I suggest you take a look at the following blogs!

I plan on using WordPress to support my life-long learning about education, to increase my knowledge and skills as a teacher and to build a repertoire of activities and ideas.


This blog is about ‘Teaching the Teacher” is so useful for pre-service teachers like me. This blog discusses reflection, learning spaces, education 2.0 and much, much more. A very interesting and informative read!


This blog is less related to our unit content however I found some of the posts to be very interesting. As many of us are about to go on placement, there are many posts that will be helpful. One post I found particularly interesting is called, “Making friends with the naughty kids”


Finally, this blog is created…

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