H3 HOPE Reflection – EDU 6130 Classroom Management

SPU bPortfolio - Andrew Knudsen

The H3 principle of the HOPE Standards states that teachers “honor the classroom and school community as a milieu for learning”. To me this means that teachers intentionally create a safe, organized, and positive setting in their classrooms to allow for their students to focus on learning. The way a teacher uses the physical space in their room and the way they manage the policies, procedures, and expectations for their students goes a long way in determining if they are effective as an educator.

H3 Evidence

The picture above was taken during my observation of another health class. What I am focusing on is the usage of round desks for student seating instead of your typical set-up with all forward facing desks. The front of the class is on the right side of the picture, while the teacher’s desk sits in the far left corner of the room. Harry and Rosemary Wong…

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