Classroom Management 101: Relevance

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I’ve said this many times in many ways but I believe it bears repeating. The inescapable truth is that students don’t care for content the way teachers care for content. That is, they aren’t exhilarated by the thought of a perfectly formed sentence or a flawless mathematical proof. They don’t find excitement in uncovering a new primary source for a historical event, or thrill to the discovery of a new element. Students in most classrooms aren’t passionate about delivering the perfect volley using the right stance, nor are they intense in their pursuit of musical accuracy or artistic aptitude.
Simply put, most kids could care less about what teachers have spent what seem to be the best years of their lives studying, absorbing and hoping to pass along to eager students.
In order to get students to even begin paying attention much less share a passion for the subject, teachers…

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