Behaviour Management at Primary

Charlotte, Sam & Georgia: Primary PGCE

A report by Ofsted, published last month, argues that teachers need to place greater emphasis upon tackling low-level disruptive behaviour in the classroom. The report points to data suggesting that in some schools the equivalent of 38 days of teaching are lost each year, due to misbehaving pupils, though the problem is seen as less common in primary schools than at secondary-level. As some commentators (Kate Hodge, 2014) have pointed out, the study is based in part upon data from schools that have been judged to fail to meet the standards for behaviour and pupil safety, in contrast to the 83% of schools that were rated as good or outstanding during last year’s inspections. Irrespective of its shortcomings as a statement about current practice and the potential correctives it offers, it provides insight into what are seen as the priorities when it comes to ‘managing’ behaviour, i.e. a focus upon…

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