Educating Matters

This is definitely worth the read.

Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to attend one of Rachel Vecht’s parenting sessions in Maida Vale. It was the third session in a course of ten and focused on ‘Setting up for Success: Preparing our children to do their best’.

Having worked with children for almost 20 years, I always hoped that my background would stand me in good stead when I became a mother a few years ago and I do feel lucky that having the tutoring experience under my belt gave me an insight into how children operate that other parents might not have had at the start. However, I must have nodded my head in an ‘Oh, that’s a really good point/suggestion/why aren’t I doing that already?’ kind of way over 20 times in the two hours that I sat in Rachel’s class. Not so smug any more, eh?

Rachel was getting us to consider the…

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