Developing Engaged Learners in Music

mister a music place

2011Symposium_1_2There is much to recommend developing our students into independent and engaged students. The two are related: engaged students go beyond what is asked or required, and generate their own questions that drive their learning. By contrast, dependent students are often compliant, but not engaged. It is easy to settle for a compliant student, even though it is only through engagement that a student will meet appropriately rigorous educational goals. Compliant students are the “ones who follow directions, diligently complete assignments, and get good grades mostly because of their effort or adherence to directions. They do the work because it’s assigned, not because they find it interesting or relevant” (Jackson and Zmuda, 2014). There is a good chance that many teachers were themselves compliant teachers, and because they achieved career goals by being compliant in school, they have come to believe that being a compliant student is the way to…

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